Trauma Support for refugees

Fleeing and migration usually put people in severely traumatizing situations – with significant psychological consequences. However, a large proportion of traumatized people do not receive professional therapeutic help. We have recognized this problem. Our concept offers a simple and multipliable tool for support after a traumatization. Our Trauma Aid program does not provide psychotherapy, but a stabilizing and easily understandable initial support. Together with our cooperating partners and organizations, we strive to provide a broad and best possible care.

The concept

The core of the concept is the qualification of trauma supporters who can assist traumatized people, if possible in their native language. The concept is based on education about the effects of trauma together with simple physical exercises. The aim is to reduce individual symptoms and improve resilience.

With growing experience, our trauma supporters are given the opportunity to qualify as multipliers in order to pass on our concept to new supporters themselves. The intention is to achieve a broad impact

In order to reach as many people as possible, both on the support side and on the help-seeking side, we offer various formats.

I'm looking for help

All of our offers are free of charge!

Trauma Support

In our trauma support program, we refer you to trauma supporters who have been trained by us. We make sure that the support fits exactly to the affected person.

The Trauma Support is designed for up to 3 meetings.

Ask now for native-speaking trauma aid in Munich and the surrounding area:


The anti-stress trainings are held in groups and at regular time intervals. The training takes about 2 hours and is held in our offices in Munich or online.

Contact us directly for more information and to register here:

Consultancy hours for stress and trauma

The stress and trauma counseling hours take place every Tuesday from 4 – 6 p.m. in our office in the Dachauer Straße 21a in Munich. We and our volunteers are there for you.

Due to the pandemic, it is currently necessary to make an appointment for the meeting . Simply register for a session with us here:


Dirk Teckenburg, Tobias Toepfer, Oryna Reichert 

Phone: +49 89 5587 1688

This project is co-funded by the Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund